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What do I do if the sail needs an Alteration?
If you see a sail that is a close fit or needs a small change let our service team make it the right sail for you. We have the finest service lofts anywhere to do the work for you. They regularly work on everything from maxi’s and mega yachts on down to small daysailors. Some common alterations are luff hardware changes or adding a suncover to make a sail into a roller furler sail. Luff, leech and foot length alterations are possible. Please call 1-410-269-5662 and speak with one of our experts to see if it is advised.

What if the sail does not fit or is not the quality that I expected?
You have 21 days from the date of purchase to make that decision. If you live in a northern state and purchase the sail during the winter months the 21 days starts Memorial Day. Shipping charges will still be applied to returned sails.
If alterations are made to the sail then you own it.

Is there a quick test to see if it will fit before I buy?
Yes, to try and see if the sail will fit before you purchase it there is a fairly easy test. Tie three pieces of rope together that are the exact lengths of the sail that you are interested in. Then hoist the rope sail up and have a look to see if it fits, if it is a jib/genoa attach your jib sheet to the sail to see if it sheets to your existing block. If the rope sail fits then the actual sail should fit as well.

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Questions? Contact the North Sail Outlet at 1-410-269-5662 or sailoutlet@northsails.com